Yoga and Procrastination

I find myself in front of this strange situation: I need to move daily to feel good both mentally and physically. Yet, the movement session of my day often gets pushed back up until it's too late. So I came up with a few tricks to help support my practice and fight my procrastination. Maybe these would work for you too!

1. Go to the Studio

Signing up to a class in a studio is a sure way to get yourself on the mat. It creates an engagement from which you can't (or shouldn't) back down. Ok, it can be pricey, and it takes more time to get out and attend the whole class, but there are added benefits that make it worth it!

You get to try a new teacher, and that means you are sure to learn something new.

You just might meet some interesting yogis.

If you are traveling, you may hear what yoga sounds like in a different language.

And you get to walk, perhaps visit a new part of the city or make it a day and go to a café after class!

2. Lay your Mat Down

If the mat is there, there's a much better chance you'll step on it and take at least a few minutes to move and breath - even 5 minutes is better than none!

You may also create a "yoga corner", maybe an altar, something that inspires you. If you can, create a space in your home, hotel room or airbnb, that can motivate you and invite you to dedicate a few minutes of your day to yourself.

3. Create a to-do list or a schedule the night before...

...and promise yourself that at one precise time of day, you will practice! Make yourself accountable, and plan your day. Consciously decide of what you want to accomplish.

When you can check your list, inluding the line "yoga practice", your day will feel that much more successful.

4. When you remember, take a time to breath.

Invite mindfulness throughout your day. Whenever you remember, close your eyes or gaze softly forward, pay attention to where you are, pay attention to your breath.

How do you feel this instant?

How is the space you are in?

Feel your feet, feel your support.

Take a deep breath in through the nose, and softly let it out.

That's yoga. Noticing.

So if you can remember to do that a few times throughout our day, you're practicing. Maybe one of those pauses will incite you to dedicate a few minutes to movement.

5. Let me know if you have any other tricks!

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