about me

Yoga became an important part of my life as it became a refuge from the stress of studying in business and accountancy. It has then evolved into an introduction to being conscious of my health and well-being, now being a source for strength, agility, and peace of mind. I became increasingly interested in the practise, eventually deciding to share with others what this practise is to me.

After studying my first 200 hours teacher training in 2015 with Yoga Arts in Bali, Indonesia, I became more interested in both anatomy and meditation, leading me to become a certified Yoga Tune Up® teacher in 2016.

The curiosity and thirst for knowledge did not stop there, I kept studying in the functional movement field, with The Roll Model®, and Kathryn Bruni-Young (Mindful Strength).

In 2019, I focused on hands-on assists expertise, and completed my yin yoga teacher training under the guidance Asami Martens.

In January 2020, I made a big move from Montreal, Canada to Groningen, Netherlands, transferring my passion across the ocean.

After teaching full time in the Netherlands through the multiple covid lockdowns, I have made the decision to further my knowledge with a new big step: In September 2021 I began a Physiotherapy degree in Groningen in order to keep following my path and learn to help you feel better in your body with more and more expertise.

My classes are in the Vinyasa yoga style, based on thoughtful and intelligent sequencing for strength, agility and mindfulness, or in Yin Yoga style, focusing on the subtlety of sensations while intertwining the physical practice with various themes. 

I am also offering group and personal training, so help you grow in your fitness following your own goals and needs.

My main goal is to guide you through fun and safe movement while cultivating presence.


2021-2025 International Physiotherapy Programme (4 years)

2019 Yin Embodied Teacher Training (40 hrs)

2016 Yoga Tune Up® Teacher Training (70 hrs)

2015 Yoga Teacher Training (200hrs)